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3 Bedroom 2 Bathroom House In Pares

Sitting on 0.25 acres of land is this beautiful 2,177 sq. ft. concrete 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom house. This superstructure is made...

XCD $850,000

3 bed | 2 bath condo in gated community

This lower level 3 bedroom | 2 bathroom condo is a great family home nestled in the Colibri Court development of Jolly...


Skerritt’s Pasture 3-Bedroom 2-Bathroom Home

Located on Holly Road off Mahico Drive, this very attractive 3 bedroom 2 bathroom house, only 5 years old and in excellent...

Under Offer

Two 2-Bedroom 1-Bathroom Houses at New Winthorpes

These two houses on a quarter (0.25) acre of land in New Winthorpes are ideal for immediately generating rental income. They are...